Thursday, 7 July 2016


Step 1: what u needed are.

1 maize,guinea corn,water,rubber(bath),grinding engine, guinea corn leave, sieving net.

Step 2: Measure the amount of the maize,guinea corn with mudu. i use to measure 5 mudus for maize,guinea corn and put in the rubber inside the bath containing the water and wait for 48 hours(2 days).
Step 3: After it has been softened collect the guinea corn and maize with sieving basket and put them into empty bath, and after that carry it to grinding engine spot.
Step 4: when u start to grind it for the first tym and when it reaches the second round put the guinea corn leaves with. U grind it for like 5 tyms.
Step 6: when it cools after grinding it finish. Put the sieving net in anoda empty bath and add water,and d grinded pap. Sieve it contiously till it finish. And wait till it settles and put it in a pillow case. After it then put in a place and then put a stone on it tillit loose it water. That all then ur pap is ready.

 Meanwhile u can also get maize ofal for feeding  of poultry.

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