Friday, 1 July 2016

How to start rice farm in nigeria and benefit. Interview

An interview with Taraba Rice Farmer Good Day Sir, What is your name?
Farmer: My name is Yakubu Ishaku How many years have u started this rice farming?
Farmer: 9 years ago. How many ways can rice can be planted?
Farmer: There are two ways rice can be planted. Lowland and Upland Plantation. Which month can rice planted?
Farmer: It can be planted around March/April- Upland and June/July- Lowland. After Planting You Wait for 21 Days then u apply fertilizer called Horizoplus. If u want to start rice farming u buy chemicals,Land,Labour and others. You spray the chemical on the land for 3-4 Weeks. Plant on a fertile land. It is normally harvested around June/July. We have pests like Birds and rice weevil. You control the birds by the use of catapult. You use knife and sickle to harvest the rice. You can see 50kg in a plot. Thanks to have u sir today here. it was an oral interview, if u like to contact Mr yakubu kindly contact me.07019273483. Thank u.

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