Monday, 18 July 2016

New EU Meat Market Observatory created with aim to anticipate potential crises

The European Commission has launched a new Meat Market Observatory aimed at improving market transparency for the beef & veal and the pigmeat sectors.
It is designed to help operators read market signals and to cope better with market volatility.
First announced by Commissioner Hogan at the March 2016 Agriculture Council meeting, the Meat Market Observatory follows the model of the Milk Market Observatory that was established in April 2014.
The Observatory takes the form of a website with different sections, which will provide regular, and timely, reporting of prices, production and trade, with some short-term analysis, complemented by an Economic Board comprising representatives from different parts of the chain that will meet a few times a year.
In a speech to the first meeting of the MeatMO Economic Board, Commissioner Hogan welcomed this new Observatory, stating: "It's no secret that I am a believer in markets, and their central role in creating exports, jobs and profits for our European farmers and agri-businesses.
"But markets only function if all the players have access to the right information at the right time."
Anticipating potential crises
EU agri-cooperative Copa & Cogeca has welcomed the launch of the Market Observatory, saying it will give farmers up-to-date market information and enable them to anticipate potential crises.
Copa & Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen said: "The new Observatory was included in the EU aid package in March and it is something we have been calling for.
"It provides a forum where information on the meat market and trends can be exchanged between market players.
"To ensure its success, it’s vital to have up to date, transparent market information across the wholesupply chain, both at EU and global level.
"This will provide an early mechanism to participate potential crises and take quick action.
"Data from the observatory can be used by our working parties and the civil dialogue groups to reflect on the market situation and policy measures."
Speaking at the launch meeting today, Chairman of Copa & Cogeca Beef Working Party M. Fleury said: "There are very close links between the EU beef and dairy sectors and we need to ensure that this tool helps anticipate the potential impact that extreme volatility in the dairy sector could have on the beef sector, and in particular on specialized beef production.
"We would equally need to address factors affecting consumer demand as today we are lacking more detailed data at consumer level."
'Lack of information' at retailer and consumer level
Chairman of Copa & Cogeca Pigmeat Working Party M. Tavares stressed: "With a market and consumer oriented sector and as first world pigmeat exporter, EU-wide quality and statistical information is vital in order to analyse potential market trends, to support producers and to allow a good functioning market.
"Today there is a lack of information at retailer and consumer level and this forum should also tackle this dimension."
Copa and Cogeca said it would also encourage the Commission to reflect on the possibility of enlarging this Observatory to include EU sheep, goat meat, poultry and eggs to "increase market transparency and price reporting through the food chain."

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