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Maize farming may be a simple business to start but behind it are requirements needed to gain success. Knowing the fact that maize is commonly used in different area especially as a food supply to a lot of countries.

Maize can be used as food, and as raw materials for the manufacture of fuel, alcohol and essential chemicals. We have a guide for you if you are interested in growing corn commercially. Find out the basics of corn planting and be led to resources that could help you start a corn farm.

Maize is grown by planting seeds in cluster directly in soil during springtime. They are planted in hills, in furrows or rows. For optimum growth, recommended rows and seed spacing must be followed (2 to 4 inches apart for seeds). Planting a crop twice or thrice in one season is recommended to ensure continued harvest. Watering must also be done, possibly through irrigation for large farms and where moisture content of soil is low. Corn needs enough water particularly during pollination time. But care should be exercised so that water doesn’t flow in the tassels as this could wash down pollen needed for fertilization.

If you are currently working in a company, you may not need to resign your job, of course as a newbie with this kind of business you need to back up things just in case something may go wrong along the way. But as soon as you see the need for a full time management on your farm and it is on the way to success, you may give up your outside job and focus more on your maize farm.

There are things you need to prepare in growing and preparing your farm which is written below:
Preparation of the land
Cleaning and other tasks
Storage and conservation of seed for the next growing season
Shelling and selection of the seed-grain

Marketing Usually starts with the wholesalers and price takers. Given the fact that wholesalers do not have full control of the product and the price, it will make production and distribution important. Wholesalers who are successful in promoting the product are those who add services on their product. And as for placement or distribution, the wholesaler may put up an outlet where identified market and buyers are within the area which will determine if you are successful or not in your maize farm after you have successfully established your maize and distribute it on your market and buyers
There are a million things that can be created from your corn.

Animal feed
Corn Starch
Corn Syrup
Corn Flour
Corn Cake
Corn Oil

You can develop a franchise system where your corn is either Roasted or Boiled at major street junctions.
Now let me tell you how much that amount of corn on one hectare would be bought be consumers if it’s boiled or roasted and sold on the streets
If that amount of corn were sold retail we would get 150,000 cubs x 50 Naira = 7.5 million per hectare
Are you planning to start Maize farm Business? Then, our guide will run you through questions you need to consider before start-up. It will also give you a basic idea on what to expect when operating and managing your Maize plantation.

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