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How To Successfully Start A Poultry FeedMill

Poultry feed mill is a great business that one can engage in as an entrepreneur to yield good financial results. Poultry feeds are essential to birds because they are also living things that can’t survive without food and it’s obvious that these birds also provides part of our everyday food  most especially  the eggs they produce as well as mature birds eaten as meat.

Before starting a poultry feed mill business there is one thing you must put in consideration and that is the location of poultry farm close to the site of your site of poultry feed mill  and this is because your encouragement starts from the poultry around the vicinity of your mill before the demand from far. Just have it in mind that the demand for poultry feed will always increase and will not abate.
Another basic thing you should know if you really want to establish an effective poultry mill is to be able to have knowledge of the exact nutrient and the appropriate proportion needed for various birds in the feed preparation. In this case, you shouldn’t take it for child’s play because a wrong mixture of nutrients can affect the bird’s egg production, causing stunt growth to the bird or might even lead to death of the birds.
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Steps to start poultry feed mill for small business- Beginners Guide   
These are the 8 steps to starting a successful and profitable poultry feed mill business from zero level to the apex.
  1. Make Researches: This is the first thing to do when you have the quest  towards starting poultry feed mill business. Make inquiries about the costs for starting poultry feed mill, the materials, and every other thing needed for the production.  In addition to this, Survey the market as well as locations at which you are getting started to know if you can be able to make turn up.
  2. Go For Training: To start poultry feed mill you need to acquire training in this field to be able to get the full knowledge about what you are going into. If you want to be effective in whatever you do, you must seek for knowledge because an adage says “no man is an island of knowledge”. Find time to enroll yourself in colleges that deals with poultry feed mill/ poultry farming and attend seminars organized by expertise in the business this will help you a lot.
  3. Write Down Your Business Plan: This is an important step to take when you are about establishing your own poultry feed mill. Drafting your business plan is a great step for any entrepreneur that want to be successful in his or her businesses make sure you write down your business plan before establishing your business.
  4. Register your Business and Get a License: At this stage, you will need to tell the Government you are ready to be a business owner and thereby registering your business with Government and obtaining a license to enable you to operate freely in the poultry business. Ensure you contact your attorney to help you sort out your business registration it’s easier done by him or her.
  5. Get a Good Location: Finding and accurate location for this business is another good thing that is necessary. As I Said earlier, search for location where poultry farm is near and not where that is very far from poultry farms  because this business grows from a spot before it goes wide and you will be patronized by the poultry around you trust me this will help to boost your zeal to produce more and be more effective in this poultry feed mill business. Secondly ,think of your machines and secure a location that has enough space to accommodate your machines.
  6. Acquire the Required Equipment and Machineries: After securing your location, the next thing you should go for is the equipment and machines needed for your poultry feed mill business. Once they are ready, install them, and make sure they are in good working condition.
  7. Produce and package your poultry feed: Start your poultry feeding production. One of the things that will give you an edge in the market place is your packaging and branding. Therefore, it is very important you take out time to see to your packing. State the composition of your poultry feed in every pack and well labeled.
  8. Market Your Poultry Feed: This is the time to bring in your own unique marketing strategy in the poultry feed business this will help you get good returns in this business. Remember you are competing with famous brands in the business. In addition, take a walk to spread your well-packaged products to the poultry farm around you to try your product and for the fact that your product is unique it will enable you to win them to yourself.               Credit: Eze Sylvester

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