Saturday, 8 April 2017


Many Nigerians do not seems to know the benefits of it.
 Some even cuts away the Trees and will count it as a weed. Now am going to list out 7 benefits of moringa seeds and leaves. 7 benefits of moringa seeds and leaves.
 1. IT ACTS AS A SLEEP AIDS: For a good night rest, steep moringa leaves in hot water for 15 minutes and then drink before bed. It will help you sleep soundly which in turn will LOVE you energized to tackle the day..

 2. LOWERS BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: A 2014 study published in Acta Histochemica reported that moringa seeds can lower blood sugar levels, which would provide therapeutic management { or even prevention of diabetes}

 3. IT PROTECTS THE LIVER: Moringa contains high concentration of polyphenols in its leaves and flowers that protects the liver against oxidation,toxicity and damage of the liver.

 4. RICH IN AMINO ACIDS: The leaves of the moringa tree contains 18 amino acids, eight which are essential amino acids, making them a "complete" protien a rarity in the plant world. Indeed moringa protien, It shares the same content rival that of meat, making it an excellent source of protien vegetarians and vegans

 5.PROMOTES HEALTHY< BEAUTIFUL SKIN The oil extracted from the seeds contain almost 30 antioxidants, The skin absorbs the oil well and can receives these nourishing antioxidants easily . The oil can be used as a moisture and antiseptic. e.g Abuad Moringa Soap Produced at Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti.

 6. The seeds can be mixed with hemp seeds for incredible boost of energy and health.

 7. The roots are often grind down for use in supplement capsules, Traditional Doctors Uses the roots,leaves and seeds for preparing herbs.

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