Friday, 19 May 2017

Reasons Why Cassava is Cost in Nigeria

AN UNTAPPED GOLD MINE Opportunity they say comes but once, but the case is different for cassava; the opportunity has been there and it’s still there and who knows-for how long? Eternity? Cassava production is very vital to the nation’s economy because we are the world's largest producer of the commodity and its major by-product, Garri, is consumed by almost all in the country. It has no cultural, moral or religious restriction. Cassava is produced in 24 of the country's 36 states. The country’s most important treasure- crude oil is not found across the country. This shows the extent of its importance to Nigerians generally and it could be a new treasure, as it stands as one of the crops the Nigerian government must focus on to ensure food security. This treasure can produced year round, this makes is preferable to other seasonal staple crops like yam and beans. Cassava is a crop that churns out a lot of by-product; namely-garri, starch, fufu, tapioca, glue or adhesives, altered starch in pharmaceutical such as dextrine. Cassava is also used in livestock feed production. Its leaves and root can also be processed to flour and cassava flour has grown into relevance in recent times. Garri, its favourite by-product has risen into popularity since last year. Many has nicknamed it “cocaine” because of its high cost. The high cost has forced many into its cultivation, yet its security is not yet sure and this must be taken advantage of by most Agric lovers and investors. There are huge potentials in cassava production and can only be reaped when invested in.

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