Sunday, 11 June 2017


By Othuke Ufeli

The Agric sector is currently booming and it has drawn interest from a lot of people across the country, inevitably by its continual bountiful harvest of cash despite a recessive economy still looming around. But a recent study showed that the troupe into the agric sector by all has not paid off to some people, owing to their lack of experience and recent information needed to make any agric venture a success.

Agriculture, like most other venture requires some experience or info to enable some level of success and in the absence of such ingredient, the venture may not  be all that profitable. Some absentee farmers have lost their farms due to absenteeism. Others have lost their farm because of lack of experience; some due to inability to control farming weather and a lot more. In a bid to end all these uncertainties and reap good cash into the pocket, we hereby advice agric investors or prospective investors not to jump into the venture all in quest of cash or because of its lucrativeness. Firstly, some findings must be done to get certain info and if you are not going to be around, then employ professionals to do the job; not just professionals, but professionals with proven experience in your interest.

Nothing sounds bitter in investing than low or no return of invested funds; and since it can happen anywhere, it can also happen in the agric sector. Investors must therefore be careful on certain decisions to avoid loss.

No doubt, the agric sector is booming, but only possible when the right thing is done.

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