Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How To Feed Your Animals For Rapid Growth

Having Hard Time Feeding Your Animals: Start doing agribusiness not just following old script.
People ask me how must they feed their livestock cheaper. I say look, the waterleaf is the fastest growing plant in Nigeria and the cheapest that I know. Most animals including chicken, goat and pigs eat this stuff like crazy. If you grow on acre of it you can feed 10,000 chicken with it with some other stuff. It is a great supplements for soya bean meal and groundnut cake while formulating broilers feeds. The waterleaf meal can partly replace soya bean meal (SBM) and groundnut cake (GNC) in the broiler feed. Waterleaf meal is an ideal protein supplement for broilers especially for broiler finishers without any detrimental effects on their performance.
For goat and cow, and sheep. mix it with fresh elephant grass then you are in business.

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