Sunday, 15 October 2017

10 Things You Should Know About Noiler Birds.

1. Noiler is an hybrid of broiler and cockerel.
2.  It has the high resistance of cockerels and the meat characteristics of broilers.
3.  It matures for meat consumption at 3 to 4 months up to 2.6kg, depending on whether you feed them like cockerels or broilers.
4. They can feed or eat any feed or food given to them.
5. In India, they are known as Kuroilers, a dual-purpose breed producing meat and eggs, and can live on a diet of kitchen and agricultural waste, and produce around 150 eggs per year whereas native hens lay only about 40 per year.
6. The meat yield per bird of Noilers is also greater; males weigh approximately 3.5 kg  and females about 2.5 kg whereas the native male bird weighs 2.5 kg and females 1.2 kg.  7. Due to its unique genetic features, the Noiler is resistant to diseases.
8. The Noiler chick is a potential bio-converter of no cost agricultural, household and natural waste abundant in villages — into human protein food and substantial incomes for rural households.

9.Their eggs are even larger than normal eggs.
10. They are cheap to afford.


  1. What colours doest the boiler birds come? How do we order for the ones that lay egg

  2. Go to and make your order for egg producing noilers


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