Monday, 25 December 2017

Operation and Inventory Management in Coca Cola Industry


Coca Cola is s trademark of soft drink is registered in the U.S in 1893. It was found in 1886 by a pharmacist. The name Coca-Cola name comes from coca leaves and cola fruit, two components of the Coca-Cola drinks. This has to do with Coca Cola period because people tend island has referred to Asa Candler is the man's drug world.

Operation Management in Coca Cola:
Operation management is one of the most important branches of study both in the joint world and in academics. In first, talk about academics, operation is an important part of the study program of management studies. Operations management is also an important part in an organization. Operations management studies the internal working and work process of a company.

Coca Cola Manufacturing:
Coca-Cola has production system and bottling facilities all around the world. This plays an important part in their business since they are one of the top of the soft drink industry. Outsourcing comes at the expense of improving in-house skills, which will eventually lead to reduced costs.

Total Quality Management:
Coca Cola knows product and package quality is a key to ensure their products in the marketplace meet Company requirements and consumer demands. The global nature of their business requires that the Coca-Cola system has the highest standards and processes for ensuring consistent product safety.

Coca Cola Inventory Management:
Coca Cola has lots number of vending machines, both new and reconditioning machine, that are placed at various remanufacturing facilities on the U.S. They decided to use the Bar Code Software, the inventories on this machinery were performed manually - a time-consuming, labor-intensive task, to say the least.

Coca Cola is one of the most popular brands on the world, so to get that success; Coca Cola attach special importance to both the quality and quantity of their products. And Operation Management helps them to maintain that in the easier way.

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