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The idea behind the Cattle Colonies is to cater for the needs of cattle herders in terms of availability of resources to take care of their cattle while avoiding unnecessary clashes and tussles over economic resources such as land and water between them and farmers.

Cattle colonies are expected to be large expanses of land procured by the Federal Government, in collaboration with States (already 16 States have indicated interest in this), where water, grass and security would be provided to cattle herders who would in turn pay for rent and other services provided by the Government.


1. A Cattle Colony is bigger in size than a Ranch, and caters for more cattle. A cattle colony can cater for as many as 40 ranchers.
2. While a ranch is provided for by the Herders, a Colony is provided for by the Government who collect rent from the herders to use these facilities. The reason for this is that ranching is a Capital intensive venture and cannot be embarked on by rural subsistent low earning herders, if ranching were to be made compulsory, it would be hard for rural herdsmen to comply with it.
3. In Cattle Colonies the Federal Government collaborates with the States to provide these lands (note that lands, by virtue of the Land Use Act are vested in the Governors of the State), water and security, while in ranches the herders have to provide this for themselves.


1. Safety of lives and property and a drastic reduction in farmers and herders clashes
2. Cattle produce healthier beef when they are kept in colonies, and also produce more milk
3.  Farmers do not have to worry about the safety of their crops and thus more production is ensured for the farmers, which means more economic activity in the agriculture sector
4. Cattle colonies would put a stop to cattle being rustled by thieves and terrorists
5. It would become easier to identify criminals who either masquerade as herdsmen or are herdsmen who commit murderous crimes and destruction.

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