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ProbityFarms, As at 2017, the price of a barrel of palm oil was $95 while the price of a barrel of crude oil was $55.83. It never used to be like this in the days of oil boom when crude oil sold for as high as $140. What this should tell you is that Nigeria’s dependence on oil as its biggest source of income is gradually coming to an end while agriculture and other sources of revenue are taking center stage.

As a nation, we can no longer show a nonchalant attitude to Agriculture. This is because an improved agricultural sector trickles down to every part of our economy, resulting to cheaper food, better employment rate and economy. Even beyond food production, we can all see the impact in terms of Increased industrialization through food processing, increased revenue for the government which means more good roads, water and social amenities and increased exports which lead to better foreign exchange and economic viability. Hence, it’s a no brainer that more economic development can come ONLY from investments in agriculture.
How do you tap into the wealth of agriculture?

The reality is that the revolution taking place in the agric sector will produce new millionaires and your goal should be to be part of them. this new year.
One of the side-effects of the industrial revolution was that young people embraced the formal sector and were no longer interested in farming, but this is changing as more young people are going back to the farm. From personal experience, most of the small-holder farmer who are using our solution,, to improve their farm yield by up to 80% in 2017 are youth. Gone are the days when many young people do not want to be associated with farming, right now the the new faces of agriculture in Nigeria are young people.

So, if you are yet to make up your mind to join the agric bandwagon, this is a good time for you to consider making the move. You can tap into the wealth of agriculture by focusing on production (livestocks or farm) and other value chains like commodity trading, exports, food processing, logistics, advisory and extension services etc.

Whatever choice you make, join the agric revolution this year.
Author Bio: Probityfarms is a FREE farm management and accounting platform for small-holder farmers in Nigeria. Sign up for a free account today For more advice on modern farming practices,, you can reach out to cofounder/CMO of Probityfarms via email on

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