Monday, 8 January 2018

How Start Maize Processing Business

Maize is a domesticated grass that originated approximately 7000 years ago in what is now Mexico. It is also referred to Corn. Maize was spread across the world shortly after the European discovery of the Americas. Regardless of origin, corn has proven to be one of the most adaptable crops. Its evolution apparently occurred mainly under domestication and resulted in biotypes with adaptation ranging from the tropics to the north temperate zone, from sea level to 12,000 feet altitude, and growing periods (planting to maturity) extending from 6 weeks to 13 months. Maize milling machine is a method of processing maize or corn for safe consumption, such as for people daily food use. The process begins with cleaning the grain and is usually followed by conditioning the maize. All these forms part of the maize processing.

Processing maize flour in Nigeria

Maize is an all-important crop which provides an avenue for making various types of foods. It also has some medicinal values and serves as raw-materials for many industries. There are different uses of maize: We will discuss just one in this article.


There are two popular paps after processing maize flour in Nigeria; hot-pap and cold-pap.
To prepare paps generally, the maize grains are soaked in cold water inside a basin for 2 to 3 days. Then the grains are washed with clean water severally and later ground to paste. Water is added and leave for days with change of water at interval. At this stage, amount desire may be taken, stirred and poured inside boiling water and stirred until a semi-liquid porridge (hot pap) is obtained. Preparation of cold-pap is differs a little. After the grinding of the grains, the ground paste is filtered using clean, white cloth to get very smooth paste. The remnants called shafts are used to feed animals.

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