Monday, 22 January 2018

How To Start Ewedu Farming

Ewedu is a very popular vegetable in Nigeria yet there tends to be irregular pricing all year round due to the changes in climatic conditions. Ewedu, botanically called Corchorus olitoris, is also called jute in English language is a major delicacy in Nigeria, usually served with indigenous dish like yam flour and melon soup.

This vegetable is very palatable and simple to cultivate. One can make it big from the cultivation of ewedu farming in Nigeria. Apart from being eaten as vegetable, It is a very useful crop with high medicinal value and health benefits as it cures typhoid and supplies the body with necessary minerals and nutrient elements required to keep the body system fit always.
How To Plant Ewedu

So after softening the ground with hoe till the ground, spread the seed on the surfaces and have it covered with some things that can serve the purpose of shielding it from pests like the birds etc. Another thing is that the seeds have to be perboiled before planting so as to germinate as soon as possible.
To get the best of your investments, the best periods to plant Ewedu in Nigeria is from late September to early January before the rain starts. Ewedu lasts between 1 and 1/2 months before harvesting.
Ewedu is a popular Yoruba vegetable that has even spread to other tribes in Nigeria because of its dual purposes in serving as vegetable and medicine at the same time. It may surprise you to know that even the Hausa people in the northern part of Nigeria also use the vegetable.

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