Sunday, 14 January 2018

Ranching is The Best Option For Cattle Rearers in Nigeria - Ikanni Samuel

By Samuel Ikanni

Ranching is better than open grazing

Cow dung is a huge business opportunity. If you ranch, it will provide you a base for collecting them and adding value to them. Cow dung is no small enterprise in China. You can negotiate for a farm space/land to grow grasses for your cattle all year round. You can irrigate and grow grasses regardless of climate. You can create a cattle feed market, it will employ your folks. (I will invest in it too), because it's cheap money. The fulanis in Nigeria are just ignorant of their opportunities. They will make more money and have a huge economy if they ranch. Do you know that Cow dung is a vital source of fertilizer. Do you know that China is exporting processed cow dung to other countries. As cattle farming scale enlarges day by day, the quantity of cow dung has become larger and larger. According to the report, the manure produced by one cattle per day equates about 5%-6% of its weight, in other words, a cattle with 450kg weight can excrete about 25kg manure per day averagely, then there is more than 9000kg for one year. In general, all types of cattle produce large amounts of manure: milk cows(62 kg/day), bulls (42 kg/day), beef cows (37 kg/day), steers (26 kg/day), heifers (24 kg/day) and calves (12 kg/day), so the quantity of cow dung from a cattle farm with certain scale is very huge . how can you collect the dungs if you don't stay in one place.

Mr Ikanni Samuel is Analyst and MediExpert Based in Benue State.

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