Thursday, 1 February 2018

Agriculture is a Sure Way Of Getting Rich in Nigeria

By Haruna Ikotu

Nigerian Youths should embrace farming & agricultural production as means of livelihood, economic empowerment and getting rich
Agriculture is the main stay of the Nigeria economy and contributes around 38.4% to the country gross domestic product (GDP) which stood at above $405.1 billion and It also create employment & means of livelihood to the largest number of Nigerians. Over the years especially since crude oil was discovered farming and agriculture production generally has been neglected to the background and government at Federal, States and local govts did not care to develop it since there was free flow of cash from petro dollars. Operation Feed the Nation (OFN) of the late 70s and Green Revolution of the 80s though laudable programmes but could not achieve their aims to increase agricultural production for Nigeria to feed her citizens. Its on record that we once had what is widely known as Groundnut Pyramid in Kano, Cotton in Gusau , Zamfara etc in the North. In the South West we have Cocoa and other cash crops. In the then South East region we had Rubber and Palm oil plantation as major cash crops. From the 80s Nigeria embarked more on import of food products to feed her population a decision we are still paying for till today. Other developing countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia etc have since made agriculture a major sector to develop their country thus they are able to feed themselves and earn huge revenue on account of  agricultural exports to other countries especially Nigeria.
Investment in agriculture by corporate organizations, individuals or group of individual coming together should be major sources of investment in the sector through which we can develop our agricultural potentials in Nigeria. The recent improvement on the  local production of some Agricultural products such as rice, vegetables, livestock etc due to Govt diversification policy  has led to a major disruption on food and meat importation to the advantage  of the local farmers who are involve in crop farming and animal husbandry. To this end we urge Nigerians especially the youths to embrace the agricultural diversification policies of the federal and the state governments as means of livelihood, employment and getting rich. The economic diversification policy of the federal government has provided an awesome opportunities for Nigerians especially the youths, graduates, school leavers, young  men & women etc to engage in farming and other agricultural activities to empower themselves economically , provides opportunities to employ other Nigerians thus contributing to the growth of our national  GDP and guarantee food security for our country. Coming up are seminars with international partners on various  investment platforms on farming & agricultural production generally which you can partake . Keep a date with us.

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