Thursday, 19 April 2018

6 Ways Mushroom Farming Can Boost Our Economy In Nigeria

1. Source of food : Mushrooms can be eaten as substitute to meat and fish. They are very nutritious and are in rich in crude fibre and protein. In fact, mushrooms contain low fat, low calories and have good vitamins which make it an ideal food for diabetics and obese people.
2. A good cash crop : Mushrooms are a good cash crop. Mushrooms can be commercially grown both for local consumption and export market and can serve as a sustainable revenue stream.
3. Low cost of investment and High rate of returns : The production of edible mushrooms requires only a little amount of space, utilizing food and agro wastes such as dry plantain leave, palm oil chaff, cassava peels, cotton waste paddy straw, cotton wastes, palm fibre, tree saw dust, etc. and generally has low technology requirements therefore it doesn’t require huge amount of money for startup. Also, mushrooms have the potential to earn high returns since it can be cultivated all-year round as sources of the mushrooms are agricultural wastes, which are always available in abundance in Nigeria.
4. Employment opportunity : Many opportunities abound in the growth of mushrooms since it is labor-intensive.
5. Health benefits : Many mushrooms possess multi-functional medicinal properties. Edible mushrooms are considered as healthy food because their mineral content is higher than that of meat or fish and most vegetables. Scientists have also indicated that mushrooms are devoid of starch and low in calories and other carbohydrates. It is clear that apart from the nutritional value of mushrooms, they have potential medicinal benefits.
6. Reduction in environmental pollution : Mushroom cultivation technology is friendly to the environment. It helps in reducing environmental pollution since large quantities of organic solid waste are used in its production.

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