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5 Health Benefits Of Indomie (Instant Noodles)

Indomie is a brand of Instant noodle produced by an Indonesian company; Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, better known as Indofood . [1] It is distributed in Australia , Asia , Africa , New Zealand , United States , Canada , Europe , and Middle Eastern countries . Outside its main manufacturing plants in Indonesia , Indomie is also produced in Nigeria since 1995 where it is a popular brand and has the largest instant noodle manufacturing plant in Africa.

The name “Indo” stands for “Indonesia” and “mie” stands for “noodles” in the Indonesian language, therefore “Indomie” stands for “noodles from Indonesia or Indonesian noodle”. Both Indomie and IndoMie can be used to describe the brand.

We have received series of question on the health implication and benefits of consuming Indomie.

So we want to address the health benefit.
Health Benefits Of Instant Noodles (Indomie)

1. Lessen cholesterol

Most noodles comprise of about 200 calories in each serving. Rice noodles are believed to contain somewhat lesser calories than the noodles produced from wheat. Through only consuming noodles that are cholesterol free, you can easily reduce your intake of cholesterol. Usually, egg noodles possess the most cholesterol, but when egg yolks are removed during preparation, cholesterol is eliminated with it.

2. Weight loss

Shirataki noodles are produced from yams and they have no carbohydrates and also no calories. In addition, they come already pre-cooked so that you only heat them and then you can eat them. People in weight loss programs are recommended to consume shirataki noodles since it enhances weight loss efforts.

3. Highly nutritious

Noodles enriched with egg whites or eggs provide substantial amounts of riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, iron and thiamin. Boring pastas are therefore not the only option if you are looking to get healthy quickly. In addition, noodles contain adequate fiber and protein content needed by the body. Consuming noodles regularly provides the body sufficient nutrient supply, for optimal functioning.

4. Cures constipation

Some types of noodles might be of great assistance to people with constipation problems. Eating soba noodles and shirataki noodles, which are examples of noodles with high fiber content helps to ease bowel movements. Eat these noodles together with prune juice or prune sauce helps to enhance the constipation relieving effect.

Certain types of noodles like ramen noodles contain notoriously high sodium amounts that may cause harm to the body.

5. Some instant noodles provide essential nutrients. 

There are some health benefits of instant noodles, which is due to the essential nutrients it provides to the body.  Different brands of instant noodles contain different nutrients. Some brands fortify they instant noodles with manganese and Vitamin B complex vitamins, like riboflavin and thiamine. In fact, a 2011 study of more than 6000 instant noodle consumers showed that they had a had a 31% greater intake of thiamine and a 16% higher intake of riboflavin than those who did not consume instant noodles.

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