Tuesday, 27 November 2018

4 Problems Faced By Africa Farmers


1.     NON MECHANIZATION OF AGRICULTURE: 80% of African farmers still farm in small form, due to subsistence agriculture, they still practice and it takes much money from them and man power. This also effects into low production of crops through out the year, the crops he will produce will be in small quantity, African farmer need to go big, like people farming like 5-10acres of farm, with mechanized method, thereby ensuring abundance in food.

2.     LACK OF CAPITAL/SUPPORT BY THE GOVERNMENT: This area has been the problems of our people in the agriculture sector for decades, Government should relieve taxes of farm inputs, machinery imports to reduce the cost of production to enable the cost of food to be affordable by common people. Also in the aspect pf capital, Government should support small holders farmers, by turning them into big holders farmers to ensure a boom in harvest, and surplus in food, Supporting farmers with enough capital will enhance massive production, using mechanized method, getting quality seed, and using the right method.

3.     FARMER EDUATION: Farming in Africa is practiced by the ones in the rural area and mainly the old ones, even those who studied agriculture in school are not willing to go to farming in references to no 2 problem. Many farmers don’t even know what is called Soil PH, Irrigation, Seed Improvement, and other necessary education on pest control, and storage method. The young ones are needed to get involved, especially the ones who studied agriculture in the tertiary institution.

4.     DEPENDENCE ON RAIN/POOR SEEDLINGS: Our farmers depend on rain for water, thereby resulting to poor production in the farm, There is need for farmers to start using drip irrigation, especially the yam farmers, and vegetable farmers, to enhance all year rounder production. The need for our farmers, to get improved seed, and not the poor seedlings they grow.

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