Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Agriculture Beyond Farming in Africa

By Yakubu Jimoh John

I discover that in Africa 80% of people studying agriculture in higher institution were given the course due to that, the other department is tensed and the agriculture department is low and behind.

I will like to shed more light on this subject above. In Africa, due to our great grandfathers modern type of agriculture and way of doing there agriculture, that has reduce the passion for young Africans in our nations today. Relatively, majority of the farmers who produce the food that sustain us in our community are small holder farmers who still relies on their traditional method and rain for success in there farm.

This has further brought a lot of fear and motives in the mind of the young ones who wants to go into agriculture, a lot of our young people wants to take the bull by the horn, but they are seeing relatively that the present day farmers are peasant farmers and small holders..

But, I want to make us to understand that there's more to Agriculture than peasant farming and being a small holder.. There are relatively more than 20 job in agriculture sector which you can be doing, to contribute to the sector. I will focus on key 5.

Agri-tech Entrepreneur

If you’re an ideas person who wants to help the environment or produce a healthy and sustainable food supply, you could be one of the many people launching or working for an agri-tech startup. 

Agricultural Journalist/Blogger

Agricultural journalists write about issues such as new technologies and machinery, food production, and government regulations, keeping those working in agriculture updated on the latest news and developments in the industry.

Print and Packaging Designer

The food that is produced on a farm ends up in your favourite grocery stores, and someone has to make sure it looks appealing enough for customers to buy it. That’s one of the job roles of a print and packaging designer. Packaging is the first experience customers will have with any type of food that has been produced on a farm, so this role is very important and requires a creative mind.

High-tech Farmer

Like your standard farmer, only with a lot more technology. High technology farming refers to agricultural methods using the latest technology like hydroponics (growing plants in water) and aeroponics (growing plants in the air), to enhance farming operations. With drones to survey crops and satellites to drive tractors, high tech farming is reshaping the agriculture industry and saving farmers time, money and energy.

Agriculture Scientist/Researchers

Those ones are people who are getting solutions to different pest problems, and poor production. Bringing new ways of storage, bringing solutions to ease farming.

Fortunately, me personally has found a love for myself as a agricultural blogger, which is not being done on a bug scale. Which gave birth to my blog.

There's still many jobs, you can involve in and excel in agriculture, its time our youths take it as a career and not as a last option.

My message to the government is create a enabling environment for the youths to learn and practice what they have learnt, give loans for them to start farming, give technical supports and market supports.

Its time our tertiary institutions and agriculture colleges stop teaching agriculture on the board, or in the classroom, agriculture is more practical, there are many things to learn.

Agriculture is booming in India, so many people are resigning from there jobs to practice Mechanized agriculture.

In the USA only 3 farmers were able to  grow a thousand of hectare of maize.

Its time, we take Agriculture as a career and not a last resort.

Yakubu Jimoh is a writer, agricblogger, he believes agriculture can change Africa and make it a rich nation with God given resources.

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