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Benefits Of Moringa Seeds To Health And Its Possible Side Effects

Herbs are widely used in medicine production. Different plants are not only good for making pills and syrups but also work as home remedies. You probably have heard about such plant as moringa. It is collected in tropical and sub-Himalayan regions. This plant can be very useful for your health. But does it has side effects too. Broaden your knowledge about this plant and to learn what moringa seed benefits and side effects are.

 There are different types of the plant and this one is the most popular to cultivate. People refer to it as to the ‘drumstick’ plant due to the form of the seedpods. Since many people use moringa oleifera for herbal medicine needs, you can also enjoy the health benefits of moringa seed which contains many minerals and vitamins.

Health benefits of moringa seeds
The long list of benefits of moringa seeds looks amazing.
  • Better digestion The plant contains fiber that can improve your digestion and is another health benefit of moringa seed. It is a great way to boost food moving in your system. Fiber wouldn’t hurt, this is for sure.

  • Healthier joints It is said that taking the seeds is good for joints. The plant has anti-inflammatory and other components that are good for treating arthritis (remember about consulting a doctor before treating any joint issues).

  • Healthier skin Who doesn’t want to have healthy skin? Healthy skin looks amazing and pleasing to the eye. The seeds contain oil and antioxidants. They are rich on Vitamin A. Oils and vitamins help to fight with acne and the cleansing effect will make the skin beautifully looking and moisturized.

  • Losing weight Different diet plans include herbs to help to break down body fats. Seeds from moringa contain the important oil and can be a good addition to the menu of people who want to lose extra weight.

  • Lowing blood pressure Moringa seed is believed to low down high blood pressure. People who experience issues with high blood pressure could try it (but only after talking to their doctor). Seeds are not the only method of fixing the problem. In addition, you can exercise and eat healthy food.

  • Lowing cholesterol levels Many people eat meat to get important fats. You can replace this with plant seeds that are rich on acid. It will help with lowing down the levels of high cholesterol in your blood.

  • Managing sugar level in blood Those who experience issues with normalizing their blood sugar levels can try taking moringa seeds to lower these levels. Just don’t think that it’s a real treatment for patients with diabetes. It is always important to consult your doctor before taking the seeds to control the sugar level in your blood.

  • Better hair The vitamins A and C contained in the moringa seed are good for making your hair stronger and growing faster. Having healthy hair is great for both women and men. The natural herbs work great on helping the hair cells to repair and feeding your follicles with ‘food’ (nutrients) they require.

  • Stronger teeth & other benefits The vitamins, minerals, and other components (calcium, iron, zinc etc.) are good for your tooth system.

This plant’s seeds are also believed to improve eyesight, make your immune system stronger, and even be a preventive measure for colon cancer.

Moringa seed side effects

With all the benefits, there are still negative sides of taking these seeds on a regular basis or in big quantities.

  • Possibility of constipation
    Taking too many moringa seeds can hurt your stomach and prevent the body from absorbing the important nutrients you need for healthy life. Dietary plants are only good in moderate quantity and with enough water drunk throughout the day.

  • Possibility of hypoglycemia
    People with diabetes should be careful with what they eat. Moderate amount of moringa seed can be good, but excess amounts can be dangerous and extremely low down the blood sugar levels causing hypoglycemia.

  • Allergy
    Too many seeds could lead to allergies. Besides, some people might face allergic reaction to particular plants (moringa among them). Make sure you don’t get this side effect before starting to consume the seeds on a regular basis.

  • Extremely low blood pressure
    Once again, taking too many seeds could bring your blood pressure to the bottom and lead to hypotension which, in its turn, causes depressive mood, dizziness, fatigue etc.

  • Unhealthy cells
    Taking too many seeds can lead to cell damage. Antioxidants are only good in moderate amounts.

  • Not the food for pregnancy
    Women who are expecting a baby or are nursing a child should avoid eating moringa seeds because this plant (that has many vitamins and important elements) could cause allergic in some individuals. It is better to not take this risk while the little baby depends on your body or milk.

The plant’s seeds have a big number of components that could be great for your health or cause some unpleasant side effects. Be smart while taking any herbs and plants and you will improve your skin, bones, hair, and overall state of health.

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