Friday, 1 March 2019

Guides On How To Start Banana Farm Business In Nigeria

There are so many people who would like to go into banana farming business in Nigeria as it is now a common trend to have a farm either for food crops, livestock and poultry, because of its high-profit yield.

Banana farming is easy and has less complicated steps but knowing the essential and basic thing you need to do is very important, the below tips will guide you effectively:

• What do you know at all about this kind of farming business? Before anyone ventures into any farming business, it is paramount to have a basic knowledge of what you are going into. You can go in for a training or can as well work in a banana plantation or help out in a farm, where you will have any access to vital information on such farming business because knowledge is the key to success.

• When you must have acquired enough knowledge, decide on how you want to venture into such business as this depends on your financial status. You can choose to start small and then advance big later when you must have progressed and had enough money, you can as well start big but it still depends on your finance. Plan yourself very well before you start looking for a land.

• From what you decided will make you look for a suitable land for such cultivation, you can buy a land which is much cheaper in the rural or suburban areas, you can also rent one or look for farmers who would like to share their land. But why doing these, always bear in mind that the land should have the right kind of soil for banana cultivation.

• Clear the land, prepare it and keep it ready for cultivation. Try as much as possible to remove the weeds, unwanted grasses and maybe in some cases condition the soil to make it suitable for such farming purpose.

• The next thing is to get the best banana sucker, the suckers come in different varieties and the ones used will determine how the banana will look like. The sucker is first of all planted in a nursery, and then transplanted into the already prepared moist soil but make sure they are properly spaced out.

• Managing of plants is essential because it has to be nurtured by making sure it has the available needed nutrients, it is not disturbed by weeds and pest, treat and prevent any kind of banana causing disease and more. This helps in the growth and development of such crops into maturity without any defect.

Banana farming does not require much capital, much labour or purchase of suckers every time as one banana sucker can last for 2 decades, which makes it one of the best farming businesses that can give you much profit.

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Though there are some farmers who might have had bad experiences in this kind of farming business, that is because they didn’t follow the necessary guideline to make them achieve their goal.

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